In memoriam

We will keep you deep in our hearts.

Alan Edwards
Juge Allbreed

Afrique du Sud
+Mars 2013


membre dans divers comités


Anneliese Hackmann

Imran Okulov

Juge Allbreed

president of the club
PO St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia
+ 17.01.2011

Member of the show commission


Victor N. Zaalov

Lyudmila Konstantinova Esina
allround judge

president of Korgorushi.

Moskau, Russia
+ 09.08.2008


Famous for her promotion of the Mekong Bobtail.

Member of the Judges Commission.

  Prof. Alfredo Colucci
president of
Associazione Gatti d'Italia

Pradamano, Italy
+ 18.09.2008

Galina Batkova
allround judge
president of SAFFI

St. Petersburg, Russia
+ 26.08.2007


Helmuth Watzke
allbreed judge




Vera Avsaragova

allbreed judge
president of the club FFRB




Our first judge and club-president in the republic Bashkortastan.



Ivaras Peplis
allbreed judge




Francesco Picinali
allbreed judge
President of the club ACEF Italy





Sergey Putilin
allbreed judge
Vice-president of the club ICFU Valensia