Toy Bob

To Siamese and Oriental SH/LH

Cats of small size in the colour seal point.
Short body with strong bone structure, broad chest and short neck.
Well-muscled. Back is almost straight. Legs are rather strong.
Shortened tail. Cats still in developement till 1.5 years.

Body Square, smaller than medium size, compact, short, solid, muscular.
Broad rip cage. Short and powerful neck. The back is almost straight.
Strong, medium in length legs, hind legs slightly longer then forelegs.
Paws are oval, with elongated fingers on hind legs.
Sexual dimorphism is not very pronounced.
Preferred weight for adult cats is less than 2 kg.


Flexible, preferably is composed of several kinks and curves in any combination,
but may be also straight.
Visible length is not less than 3 cm and not longer than 1/3 of the body length.
Head Short trapezium shape with gently rounded contours. Full, not flat forehead.
Distinctly curved profile with a dip from the forehead to the nose at the eye-middle level.
Definite stop is not allowed.
Nose is medium in length. Bridge of the nose is slightly curved.
Medium, rounded, clearly defined cheekbones.
Muzzle is short, rounded, without pinch.

Ears Medium sized, with rounded tips. Medium high set and slightly tilted forward.
The distance between the ears is no more than one ear width.
Eyes Large, wide open, round, very expressive.
Almost straight and set wide apart.
The colour is an intense deep blue.
Coat The coat is short, dense, resilient, not close lying and with developed undercoat.
The topcoat is almost the same length as the undercoat.
Kitten can have a little bit wooly coat.
Evenness of the body colour and contrast with the points are more important than whiteness.

Colour seal point
Faults Head:
  • wedge-shaped or narrow head
  • flat forehead
  • pointed or elongated muzzle
  • too slight dip in profile
  • weak chin


  • Almond shaped eyes


  • big
  • pointed
  • broad set
  • too narrow at the base


  • too big
  • too elegant or too frail
  • elongated body


  • too silky


Faults that exclude the certificate

  • straight profile
  • tail longer than 1/3 of the body length
  • inflexible tail



  • white spots and lockets (except at neuters)
  • any other colour than seal point
  • less than 2 - 3 vertebrae in the tail
  • absence of the tail


Scale of points
Body 35 points
15  - shape, size, bone structure
10  - length of legs, shape of paws
10  - length and shape of the tail
Head 15 points
10  - general shape of head, nose, forehead and chin
 5  - profile
Eyes 15 points
10 - shape and size
 5 - colour
Ears 10 points
Coat texture, -length 10 points
Body colour and points 10 points
Condition    5 points
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