Toyger (TOY)

To Shorthair breeds

The Toyger is a "designer" cat. It is a medium-sized domestic cat, which resembles the big cats in the pattern, type, self-confidence and movements.

The basis for the breeding program were the Bengal, domestic and street cats. 


The body is medium sized, long and muscular with curved contours; strong and robust.

The shoulders may visually interrupt the top line.

The neck is long and muscular.

Chest is broad and deep, never interrupting the neckline from head to forelegs.

Legs are of medium length so that the distance between the ground and the body is equal to the depth of the torso. The legs are as long in the back as in the front.

The paws are oval and large with long toes.


The tail is very long, set low and carried low. It is muscular with a blunt, rounded black tip.  


The head is of medium size, long, broad and deep. All contours are well defined, muscular and rounded. The profile is straight, with an angle change above the eyes. A slightly concave nose line is acceptable.

The muzzle is medium to long and deep with well defined, rounded and muscular contours. Viewed from the front an upturned heart shape from the forehead to the rounded whisker pads can be seen.

The nose line spreads toward the end until it is at least as wide as the distance between the eyes. A wide nose leather is desired.

The chin is very firm.


The ears are small to medium, small preferred with rounded tips. Wide set towards the back of the head.  Well furnished, lynx tips are undesirable. Thumb print required. 


The eyes are small to medium size, wide set, hooded and slightly slanted. A strong, deep colour is preferred.


The coat is uniformly short, thick, very soft but resistant, with moderate undercoat. Slightly longer around the jowls suggesting a frill is desired.

Some glitter is required; the more the better, without excessive loss of contrast or white base. 

Colour & Pattern

Only black mackerel tabby. 

The colour is black to brown to an even tan on a contrasting base colour. Very dark clear markings on a golden-orange base colour are desired. The lighter parts of the base color must be as uniformly light to almost white and include the ventral areas of belly, underside of base of tail, insides of legs and chest.  Paw pads and tail tip to be black.

The pattern on the body are stripes vertically aligned, encircling markings on neck, legs and tail.  Bold braided non-uniform stripes including stretched rosettes are preferred. Facial stripes and markings to be circularly aligned on the face. 

Preference is given to the ‘M’ on the forehead. Eyelid rims and lips are black. A bright/white eye rim (glasses) is desired.

  • showing any other pattern than mackerel tabby

  • no glitter

Faults that exclude the certificate
  • non recognizable pattern

  • missing patterns on belly and chest

  • missing black tail tip

  • blue eyes

  • medaillion/lockets

Permitted outcrosses


Scale of points
Body 20 points
Head 25 points
Ears    5 points
Eyes    5 points
Coattexture, -length 10 points
Coat colour 30 points
  5 points

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