Snowshoe (SNO)


To Shorthair breeds

The Snowshoe is a medium sized cat combining the heftiness of its shorthair ancestors with the length of its oriental ancestors.


The body is long and firm but not extreme. Medium in size with medium bone and musculature. Well-knit and powerful but not bulky. Well balanced overall, with no extremes.

The legs are in a good length in proportion to the body and of medium bone.

Hind legs to be slightly higher than the front, giving the line of the back a slight rise to the rear.

The paws have a short, oval shape. 


The tail is medium at the base, slightly tapering to the end. Medium to long in length.


Broad modified wedge with slightly rounded contours. Of medium length and medium sized in proportion to the body. The top of the head to be slightly rounded and the forehead slightly flat.

Cheekbones set high with rounded contours.

Straight nose of medium length in proportion with rest of the head.

The muzzle is of good length, neither extremely broad nor pointed nor square. The muzzle break is slight, a gentle contour.

The chin is firm.


Broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Medium to medium-large, in proportion to the body, continuation of the modified wedge of the head, with sparse furnishing.


Walnut-shaped with greater length than width. Of medium size and slanted to the base of the ears. They should be set one width apart and not protrude.

The outer edge of the eyes should be level with the base of the ears.

The colour is blue. Bright, sparkling and expressive.


The coat is short to medium-short with no noticeable undercoat. Texture is smooth, glossy and close lying.

The body colour is a paler tone of the colour of the points, any amount of white on the body is permitted. The preferred pattern is the white inverted "V" on the face, white shoe pattern.

Colour varieties

Except for the colour variants Sunshine, Amber, Silver and Golden, all colours are allowed, with and without tabby.


Colour of points, ears, mask, legs and tail to be well defined and in harmony with the body colour. Chin may be white, the colour of the points or a combination of white and the point colour. A white bib on the chest area or collar around the neck area is normal as is white on the stomach area.

Nose leather:

Colour of the badges, it can be pink, flesh-colored or mottled

White shoe pattern:

Front legs: toes only to mid-leg area

Back legs: toes only to mid thigh area.

All degrees of white are acceptable but all four feet must be white.

  • any similarity to the Oriental/Siamese in shape

  •  round head

  • small round eyes

  • any other eye colour than blue

  • dull eye colour

  • neck too long or to slender

  • cooby body

  • body of extreme length, too sleek or dainty

  • missing white at the feets

  • too short legs

  • unevend body colour or shading

  • double or plush coat

Faults that exclude the certificate
  • any similarity to the Oriental/Siamese in shape

  • any other eye colour than blue

  • missing white at the feets

  • too short legs

  • any other eye colour than blue

  • missing white at the feets

  • too short legs

Permitted outcrosses


Scale of points
Body 25 points
Head 20 points
Ears 15 points
Eyes    5 points
Coat, texture and length 20 points
Bodycolour and points 10 points
Condition    5 points
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