Minuet Shorthair (MIS)


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The Minuet Shorthair is a short-legged cat with medium to substantially bone structure.

It is a hybrid of  Persian and Munchkin and should have sufficient mobility and not suffer from its short legs.


The body is semi-cobby (builds a rectangle together with the legs), well rounded, straight top-line
preferred, slight rise from the shoulders to tail is acceptable.

The head should blend into moderate short neck.

Boning: Medium to substantial. The short front-legs and the wide breast contribute to a robust and
powerful appearance.

The legs are short, straight (with little to no flexion, (O- or X-legged)), stocky and with firm musculature; a slight flexion is accepted. Especially the thighbones can be thick and muscular due to the short legs.

The feet are big and rounded with tufts on longhairs. All 4 legs pointing straight forward, are turned neither in or out.

Tail The tail is in proportion to body length, min. until the shoulders or longer.
He is moderately thick and tapers to a round tip.

The head shape is round, broad, with well rounded contours when viewed from any angle, in proportion to the body. The top head rounded but not domed.

The face is round, open and expressive with moderately full cheeks.

The nose is moderately short, broad and with a moderate stop, but no break; not snub-nosed.

 Top of the nose leather should not come above the lower edge of the eye.

The profile is gentle curve to a moderate stop, but without a break.

The chin is rounded and moderate and forms a vertical line with the tip of the nose.

The muzzle is moderately short and broad with well rounded whisker pads.

Pronounced whisker pads are acceptable.


Medium with preference given to slightly smaller ears but not extreme, rounded tips, in proportion to the head.

Set wide apart, but relatively upright.

Eyes Large and round, wide open but not protruding and not tearing.

Deep brilliant eye color is preferred which conforms to coat color.
Blue eyes only for the point variants.
Coat The coat is medium short and dense, with a silky structure and not close lying.
The texture is plush, double coat and an all-weather-coat is preferred with moderate undercoat.

Not wooly.
Colour varieties All colours (except Sunshine and Amber) and patterns with any amount of white and pointed colours with Siamese points without white are recognized.

  • Roman nose line

  •  Bump on the nose line

  • Snub nose

  • Short tail

Faults that exclude the certificate
  • Excessive tearing eyes

  • Bowed legs

  • Cowhocking (light O- or X-legs)

  • Paws turned inwards or outwards

  • Bone deformations on forehead and skull

  •  Nose break

  •  Crooked nose

  •  Excessive bowed legs and excessive cowhocking

  •  Long legs

  •  Lockets, medaillions etc.

  •  Blue eyes outside the point variants

Permitted outcrosses

Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Munchkin LH & SH

Note: Munchkin and Minuet with long legs are only permitted for breeding, not for show.

Scale of points
Body 25 points
Legs 15 points
Head 20 points
Ears    5 points
Eyes 10 points
Coat, texture, length, colour 20 points
Condition    5 points
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