Aphrodite's Giant Shorthair APS* Ceylon CEY
Abyssinian ABY Chartreux CHA
American Curl Shorthair ACS Cornish Rex CRX
Anatoli ANA Devon Rex DRX
Arabian Mau ARM
American Shorthair ASH* Exotic Shorthair EXO
Asian ASI* German Rex GRX
Australian Mist AUM Household Pet HHP
American Wirehair AWH* Japanese Bobtail Shorthair JBS
Bengal BEN Karelian Bobtail Shorthair KAS
Burmilla Shorthair BMS* Kanaani KAN
Bombay BOM Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair KBS
Brazilian Shorthair BRA Celtic Shorthair KKH
British Shorthair BRI Korat KOR
Burmese BUR LaPerm Shorthair LPS*
      Manx MAN
Egyptian Mau MAU*
Munchkin Shorthair MNS*
Ocicat OCI
Russian Blue RUS
Scottish Fold SFS
Singapura SIN
Selkirk Rex Shorthair SRS
Ural Rex Shorthair URS
* = Standard of a WCC-organization.
The breed is admitted for all show classes and titles.
For breeding rules please refer to the appropriate organization,
because there is currently no application for recognition in WCF.