American Bobtail Shorthair ABS* Devon Rex DRX
Abyssinian ABY Egyptian Mau MAU
American Burmese AMB* Exotic Shorthair EXO
American Curl Shorthair ACS German Rex GRX
Anatoli ANA Household Pet HHP
Aphrodite's Giant Shorthair APS* Japanese Bobtail Shorthair JBS
Arabian Mau ARM Kanaani KAN
American Shorthair ASH* Karelian Bobtail Shorthair KAS
Asian ASI* Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair KBS
Australian Mist AUM Korat KOR
American Wirehair AWH* LaPerm Shorthair LPS*
Bengal BEN Lykoi LYS
Burmilla Shorthair BMS* Manx MAN
Bombay BOM Minuet Shorthair MIS*
Brazilian Shorthair BRA Munchkin Shorthair MNS*
British Shorthair BRI Ocicat OCI
Burmese BUR Russian Blue RUS
Ceylon CEY Savannah SAV
Celtic Shorthair KKH Scottish Fold SFS
Chartreux CHA Singapura SIN
Chausie CHS Selkirk Rex Shorthair SRS
Cornish Rex CRX Snowshoe SNO
    Toyger TOY*
    Ural Rex Shorthair URS

Standards of new recognized breeds will follow soon

* = Standard of a WCC-organization.
The breed is admitted for all show classes and titles.
For breeding rules please refer to the appropriate organization, because there is currently no application for recognition in WCF.