Aphrodite's Giant Longhair APL* Norwegian Forest Cat NFO
American Curl Longhair ACL Ragdoll RAG
Burmilla Longhair BML* Ragamuffin RGM
Cymric CYM Sacred Birman SBI
Household Pet HHP Siberian cat / Neva Masquerade SIB
Japanese Bobtail Longhair JBL Somali SOM
Karelian Bobtail Longhair KAL Tiffanie TIF*
Kurilian Bobtail Langhaar KBL Turkish Angora TUA
LaPerm Longhair LPL* Turkish Van TUV
Maine Coon MCO Ural Rex Longhair URL
Munchkin Longhair MNL* York YOR
Nebelung NEB*    
      Standards of new recognized breeds will follow soon
        * = Standard of a WCC-organization.
       The breed is admitted for all show classes and titles.
       For breeding rules please refer to the appropriate organization,
       because there is currently no application for recognition in WCF.