WCF EMS CODE for breeds, colours, characteristics
Recognized in WCF  Recognized or accepted in other organizations or preliminary
Longhair breeds (category 1)
British Longhair BLH Bohemian Rex BRX**
Chinchilla Longhair CHL*
Deutsch Langhaar DLH
Highland Fold (Scottish Fold LH) SFL
Highland Straight (Scottish Straight LH) SFL71
Original Longhair TLH
Persian (Incl Colourpoint / Himalayan) PER
Selkirk Rex Longhair SRL
Semi-Longhair breeds (category 2)
American Curl Longhair ACL American Bobtail Longhair ABL*
American Tiffany (Burmese Longhair) AMT*
Aphrodite's Giant Longhair APL*
Asian Longhair ALH*
Australian Tiffany AUT*
Bombay Longhair BOL*
Burmilla Longhair BUL*
Cymric (Manx Longhair) CYM Cashmere (Bengal Longhair) CAM*
Cheetoh CEE**
Clipper Cat Longhair CLL**
Japanese Bobtail Longhair JBL*
Karelian Bobtail Longhair KAL
Kurilean Bobtail Longhair KBL
LaPerm Longhair LPL Lambkin Longhair LAL**
Lykoi Longhair LYL***
Maine Coon MCO Mandalay Longhair (non pointed Burmese) MLL*
Munchkin Longhair MKL*
Minuet  Longhair (former Napoleon) MIL*
Norwegian Forest Cat NFO Nebelung (Russian Blue Longhair) NEB*
New Zealand Longhair NZL*
Ojos Azules Longhair OZL*
Pixie-Bob Longhair PBL*
Polycoon PCO*
Ragamuffin RMF
Ragdoll RAG
Siberian (incl Neva Masquerade) SIB Skookum Longhair SKL*
Sacred Birman SBI St.Helen Longhair STL**
Somali SOM
Turkish Angora TUA Tasmanian Cymric TCY**
Turkish Van / Van Kedisi TUV Tiffany (European Burmese Longhair) TIF*
Ural Rex Longhair URL
York YOR
Non recognized Longhair XLH***
Shorthair breeds (category 3)
Abyssinian ABY American Bobtail Shorthair ABS*
American Curl Shorthair ACS American Burmese BUA*
American Shorthair ASH American Wirehair AMW*
Anatoli (Turkish Van Shorthair) ANA Aphrodite's Giant Shorthair APS*
Arabian Mau ARM Asian Shorthair ASI*
Australian Mist AUM
Bengal BEN Bambino BAM**
Bombay (Shorthair) BOM
Brazilian Shorthair BRA
British Shorthair BRI
Burmese (European) BUR
Burmilla (Shorthair) BML
Ceylon CEY California Spangled CAS*
Celtic Shorthair (European Shorthair) EUR Chausie CHS*
Chartreux CHA Clipper Cat Shorthair CLS**
Cornish Rex CRX
Devon Rex DRX
Don Sphynx (Donskoy) DSX
Egyptian Mau MAU Elf ELF***
Exotic Shorthair EXO
German Rex GRX
Japanese Bobtail Shorthair JBT
Kanaani KAN
Karelian Bobtail Shorthair KAS
Korat KOR
Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair KBS
LaPerm (Shorthair) LPS Lambkin Shorthair LAS*
Li Hua (Chinese Dragon Cat) LIH*
Lykoi Shorthair LYS***
Manx MAN Mandalay Shorthair (non pointed Burmese) MLS*
Munchkin Shorthair MKS Minuet (former Napoleon) MIS*
New Zealand Shorthair NZS**
Ocicat (Classicat, Jungala) OCI Ojos Azules (Shorthair) OZS**
Pixie Bob (Shorthair) PBS*
Russian Blue RUS
Scottish Fold SFS Savannah SAV*
Scottish Straight SFS71 Serengeti SER***
Selkirk Rex Shorthair SRS Skookum Shorthair SKS*
Singapura SIN St.Helen Shorthair STS**
Snowshoe SNO
Sokoke SOK
Sphynx (Canadian Sphynx) SPH
Tasmanian Manx TAX**
Templecat (Birman Shorthair) SBS*
Toyger TOG*
Ural Rex Shorthair URS Ukranian Levkoy UKL**
Ukranian Levkoy Straight UKL71**
Non recognized Shorthair XSH***
Siamese/Oriental (category 4)
Balinese BAL
Foreign White Longhair (BAL white) BALw
Foreign White Shorthair (SIA white) SIAw
Havana Brown HAV
Khao Manee KOM*
Mekong Bobtail MBT
Oriental Longhair (Javanese) OLH
Oriental Shorthair OSH
Peterbald PBD
Seychellois LH (white patched BAL) BAL09 Suphalak SUP**
Seychellois SH (white patched SIA) SIA09
Siamese SIA
Thai (Wichianmat****) THA
Tonkinese TON Thaiyao (Thai Longhair) THL**
Toybob TOB Tibetan (Tonkinese Longhair) TOL*
Household Pet
Domestic Shorthair DOS
Domestic Longhair DOL
Black/Ruddy/Seal n
Blue a
Chocolate b
Lilac c
Red d
Cream e
Black-tortie / Seal-tortie f
Blue-tortie g
Chocolate-tortie h
Lilac-tortie j
Cinnamon/Sorrel o
Fawn p
Cinnamon/Sorrel-tortie q
Fawn-tortie r
White w
Unrecognized colour  in certain breeds x
Additional to basic colour
Amber (only NFO together with n, a, d, e, f, g) t***** Amber (only NFO) t*
Golden y Caramel (only together with a, c, e, g, j, p, r) m*
Silver s Russet (Burmese with extention locus modifier) z*
Sunshine (only in Siberian) u*****
Amounts of white
Van 01
Harlequin 02
Bicolour 03
Mitted 04
Snowshoe 05
Unspecified amount of white 09
Shaded 11
Shell/Chinchilla/Tipped 12
Agouti/Unspecified tabby 21
Blotched (classic) tabby 22
Mackerel tabby 23
Spotted tabby  24
Ticked tabby 25
Marbled tabby (Bengal blotched) 26
Rosetted tabby (Bengal spotted) 27
Sepia (Burmese pointed) 31
Mink (Tonkinese pointed) 32
Colourpoint (Siamese pointed/Himalayan pointed) 33
Tail (Manx)
Rumpy 51
Rumpy Riser 52
Stumpy (up to 3 cm) 53
Long (more than 3 cm) 54
Eye Colour
Blue 61
Orange 62
Odd eyed 63
Green 64
Golden (Burmese) 65
Aquamarine (Tonkinese) 66
Pointed blue eyed (White Colourpoint) 67
Straight 71
Curled  72
Skin type (Peterbald)
Naked  80 Normal coat Longhair 81*
Normal coat Shorthair 82*
Brush 83*
Straight (without the dominant coat phenotype for various Rex breeds) 84*
Velour 85*
Other coat structure
Variant - without the coat phenotype of the breed Var
Toes / Legs (as in the standard for specific breeds only)
Normal number of toes 90*
Polydactyl front legs 91*
Polydactyl hind legs 92*
Polydactyl all 4 legs 93*
Long legs 97*
Short legs 98*