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Statutes of the WCF World Cat Federation

5. The Board
Article 20

The Board and the extended board are elected by the General Assembly. Only members of WCF-organizations may be elected.

The board consists of:


  • one president,
  • one secretary general,
  • one treasurer.


Regarding the statutes the board consists of the president, the secretary general and the treasurer. Each is a representative (§ 26 BGB). Concerning inner affairs the secretary general and the treasurer are obliged towards the federation to be in presidential function in case the 1st president is unavailable as long as the 1st vice-president, in case of his unavailability, the 2nd vice-president is able to take over the presidential function and thus being able to represent the federation according § 26 BGB.


a) The president presides over the activities of the WCF in all events. He supervises the adherence to the     statutes and regulations, he presides at the meetings of the board and the General Assembly, unless he     decides to delegate his power according to article 16. The president is member of the executive board.


b) The secretary general centralises the activities of the board under the presidency of the president. He     compiles the minutes of the meetings, distributes the suggestions and proposals, and dispatches the     invitations. The secretary general is a member of the executive board.


c) The treasurer prepares the accounts, collects the fees and dues, keeps the books and compiles an annual     financial report. The treasurer is a member of the executive board.


5.1 The Extended Board

The Extended Board consists of:


  • the 1st Vice-President,
  • the 2nd Vice-President.


d) The first and second vice-president represent the president, for example in representation tasks,
    and will give him all the support necessary. In addition they fulfil all the tasks delegated by the president
    to the vice-presidents.


In case the president becomes unavailable before the term of office, the 1st vice-president will succeed until new elections, and he will take over the function of the president with all rights and duties.



5.2 Honorary Presidents
  e) The Honorary president is a founding member and is elected by the General Assembly by simply majority.

Honorary presidents handle assigned talks. They are invited to Board meetings and, like the managing Board, are entitled to vote in all matters.

A Honorary president upholds the reputation of the WCF, contributes to the wider dissemination of the WCF in other associations, performs tasks that are assigned to him and can represent th Board at Worldshows and Cat Olimpia.
Article 21

A joint signature of two, of the president and the secretary general or of the president and the treasurer is required in all bank transactions.

Article 22

The members of the board and the extended board are elected every four (4) years, the members of the commissions every two years.


Article 23

The board notifies the members of eventual vacant functions and elections.


Applications must be received by the board at least 60 days before the General Assembly. The agenda will list the names of the candidates.


Another candidate cannot be elected if it shall be a member of the board.


Article 24

In general all functions are performed without any payment.
The members of the management are reimbursed for their travel and accommodation expenses, as well as for representation costs due to special reasons.


Expenses, caused by officials due to their function, have to be approved by the executive board, and then will be reimbursed.