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Continental areas and regions
Annex 1


In each of the 8 continental areas listed below it is possible to win the titles European Champion / Premior and Grand European Champion / Premior resp. Continental Champion / Premior and Grand Continental Champion / Premior, if the cat has international titles awarded in at least three countries. For the titles CACM, CAPM another continental area is required.


Continental area Europe




Continental area Asia



Continental area Middle East



Continental area Africa and Canary Islands



The Canary Islands are a region of Spain, see there.


Continental area Australia and Oceania


Continental area North America



Continental area Central America and Carribean Islands


Continental area South America


Show licenses

Every show of WCF must be licensed by the Show License Manager.
Title can be won only on licensed shows.

License Manager Countries Regions
Marina Khodusova (temporarily) Ukraine all
  Russia, European part all regions ER   + RUR-010
    + RUR-020
    + RUR-030
    + RUR-040
    + RUR-050
    + RUR-110
Marina Khodusov Azerbaijan (1 subclub) ASI-010
  Kyrgyzstan ASI-020 Kazakhstan all
  Russia, Asian part all regions AR
    + RUR-060
    + RUR-070
    + RUR-080
    + RUR-090
    + RUR-100
Gisela Danisch all other countries