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Permission procedure

WCF judges

The judge’s permission is valid for 3 years (decision of the General Assembly of 06.12.1997). The first issuing is free of charge, as it is included in the examination fee. For an extension a fee of 20 Euro is charged at the moment. In case
of late application for permission extension the fee is 40 Euro.


The owner of the permission is obliged to watch the expiry date by himself. A proof of payment, a new passport photo
and the expired permission should be attached to the application for extension.


WCF judges are obliged to have the application for extension stamped by their clubs and to present the documents
as in the case of the first application.


The owner of the permission will be displayed at the website of the WCF with complete address, tel./fax number, e-mail address, hair category and period of validity. After expiry he will be shown for 2 months at most with the note “expired”. Is there no application for extension by that time, the address will be deleted.


WCF judges get a refund at the show for the costs for hotel, catering and trip as well as normally a present at the discretion of the club. The judge's work at exhibitions is reembursed with 75.- euros per day of the exhibition with the option of a special agreement with the judge. It is forbidden to demand further charges for every cat. Violations of these rules will be reported by the organizations to the WCF and the judge in question will be suspended. The inviting clubs are obliged to refund the costs of the officiating judges before the Best in Show on the first show day, at the latest before the Best in Show on the second day.

WCF guest-judges


Judges permission is also possible for a judge who is a member not in a WCF club but in another registered club. The permission procedure corresponds to that of a WCF judge.