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General Assembly World Cat Federation e. V


Ruhrturm Essen, 19.-23.01.2017


Short protocol (Overview of the most important decisions)




Implementation of the position of Honorary president

The Honorary President is a founding member and is elected by the General Assembly by a simple majority. Honorary Presidents do their assigned tasks. They are invited to board meetings and, like the Executive Board, are entitled to vote in all matters. An Honorary President is elected for lifetime. The Honorary President supports the reputation of the WCF e.V., represents the WCF e.V. in relation with other organizations, fulfils all the delegated tasks and can represent the board at Worldshows and Cat Olimpia.


Abolition of subclubs

The subclubs can decide by the end of 2017 whether to leave WCF or change to patronage status.


Publication of the exhibition rules on homepages of the clubs

All WCF members are obliged to publish only the complete show rules. The publication of extracts is not permitted. Alternatively, a link to the homepage of the WCF eV can be installed


Introduction of Class 23 -Breeds in recognation process-

Introduction of Class 24 -Out of Competition-

Introduction of Class 15 –CACJ-

Introduction of Class 16 –CACP-

Introduction of Class 15a –CAPJ-

Introduction of Class 16b -CAPP-


Extension of the age of the litter class from 10 weeks to 6 months


Change of the minimum age of the litter class to 3 months, deletion of the Baby Class (Consensus: litter class 3 months - 6 months)


Novice class
The clubs are allowed to have cats evaluated for the novice class. The condition for showing cats are that 2 judges need to judge these cats and that any documents must be shown upon requested.


Double Judgement
Implementing of regulations for double judgments:

  • Nominations for "Best in Show" are not permitted in the second judgment.

  • “Best Variety” may not be awarded in the second judgment.

  • At least three judges must be invited. All categories need to be guarded triple redundant by the judges. (Example: 3 Allbreed judges or two judges All breed, 1 judge for the group LH / SLH and 1 judge for the group OSH / SH)

  • The approval of the license-request for a double judgment is only possible if there is no other WCF exhibition in the same region within 4 weeks time. Double judgments cannot be approved for: World Shows, joints shows, Best Cat of WCF (WCF- Olympia), WCC Meeting exhibitions and similar events.
  • The double judgment may be awarded for 1 or for 2 days. For this reason D-Numbers are implemented. A license fee must be paid (the half of the regular fee per day).


    Modifications Exhibition rules

    B.4.3 Minimum two Allbreed judges must judge on international exhibitions without Special shows

    On these international exhibitions minimum two Allbreed judges must judge

    B.4.3.2 Minimum three judges must judge on international exhibitions with Special shows

     On these international exhibitions minimum three judges must judge, of which must be at least two All breed judges.


    B.8.2 Catalogues and show documents must be forwarded to the WCF

     To control the compliance with the rules, the responsible clubs must forward the show catalogue and copies of all protocols including the respective results to a person delegated by the WCF Board within 10 days after the exhibition. The sending shall be made by mail or in exceptional cases by letter, for letters the date of postage counts as valid sending date.

    New: B.8.2.1 All protocols must be confirmed

    All protocols must be confirmed by the responsible judges by name, stamp or signature.

    New: F 3. „Fun“ Shows

    Fun shows can be organized for specific groups or certain characters of cats. No official titles may be given. Winners of this show cannot be nominated as such for the Best in Show. The number of participants does not matter.

    Cat Olimpia

    The WCF Olimpia is a fully recognized World Show. The rules published on the WCF website for World Shows are valid for the Olimpia as well. The differences are: No other show will be licensed in the WCF on the date of the Olimpia. It takes place only one time per year and the “Olimpia Master” competition takes place on that show as well as the presentation of the “Best Cat of WCF” . Cats participating in the Olimpia receive triple point-score for the competition „Best Cat of WCF”.

    Shows of patronage clubs

    If a patronage club, that are less than 2 years in WCF, organizes an international exhibition, the club must invite a member of the Board or the Extended Board, a member of the Show or Judges committee or, if not possible, an authorized person, as an official representative of the Board, the Extended Board or the Commissions for supervising the exhibition office. The costs of the representative must be covered by the organizing club.


    Amount of cats to judge

    The amount of cats to be judged traditionally will be limited to max. 40 cats per day and will be compensated with 100 Euros. Judging beyond this number of cats will be limited to 110 cats per day, only after consultation with the judge and to be charged additionally.


    Special provisions for exhibitions in Israel and remote regions.

    The minimum time limit between two exhibitions in the same city is 3 weeks.


    Joint Shows


    1. Joint shows with clubs that are not the World Cat Congress (WCC) members or contract partners, and invite the judges, who are under suspension, or whose license has been revoked by WCF are not permitted.

    2. Already granted licenses for Joint shows lose their validity when above mentioned case arrives.

    New wording: B.1.3, paragraph 2
    To organize a joint show with a Non-WCC association a WCF member must ask for permission from a (Extended) Board member. In case of positive permission a WCF member can ask for a new license (or to ask to change the already issued license) for the Joint Exhibition license. For an exhibition with any association belonging to World Cat Congress (WCC) special permission is not needed. The procedure for licensing is the same as for an ordinary WCF exhibition.

    Non-licensed judges
    Clubs wishing to engage non-licensed judges for judging must submit copies of the documents concerning the judge examines to the Judges Commission to verify status before applying for a show license. The authorization to apply for the show license for that judge will be issued after verification of the certificates for the verified classes by the Judges Commission. This verificationmust be done again in each individual case and is a service provided by WCF. The fee is 20 € for each individual case. The review of the qualification is not equivalent to the granting of the judge‘s permission and does not automatically lead to a recognition of the judge as a WCF judge. This rule does not apply to judges of the WCC member associations and associations that contractual agreement with respect to their judges with WCF.


    Diamond Master Ring
    The Diamond Master Ring may be held only once a year in the World. It is reserved for the Olimpia Show. Only if the organizer of the Olimpia Show agrees, this ring can be held on a different show. Only cats that own the title Triple Master may participate in the Diamond Master Ring. Minimum 4 participants must be present for the Ring. Only the first place receives the Title Diamond Master. Each participant receives 100 points for the competition Best Cat of WCF. The first place receives 100 points, the second place 50 points and the third place 25 points additional to the points received analogue to the WCF rings.



    Triple Master Ring
    The Triple Master Ring can be licensed only once per year per country. It is the highest Master title attainable in WCF. Rules analogously to the existing Master Ring rules.


    Awarding of the titles CAC, CACIB, CAGCIB for associations on islands, in Israel, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and USA without leaving the island / country (CAC X 3, CACIB X 6, CAGCIB X 9)

    Exhibition rules: Deletion of articles C.2.3 and C.2.4

    Introduction of category 5 for all hairless cats

    Balinese, Oriental Longhair are assigned to category 4 Siam / OSH.

    The correction of the decision of the General Meeting 2004, TOP 11.6.1. The exhibition reports must be sent to the exhibition committee and checked by them.

    National exhibitions
    At least 40 cats must be published in the catalogue. It must be judging at least 1 all breed judge. Rings and Monobreed shows may not be performed with only one judge present. This rule is an addition to the rule about national shows, Show rules: A.11.3


    Title entitlements and exhibitions on islands

    Exhibitions held on islands will be supported and protected in the following manner:

    1. Within 2 weeks before an island show there may not be held a show in the country, which the island belongs to. In countries which are divided in regions, this rule applies analogue to the WCF regions. A special permission for exceptions of this rule needs the agreement of the island club, holding the show.

    2. The title certificates received on an island will be valid as international titles not only for foreign exhibitors, but also for exhibitors from the country, the island belongs to. If island inhabitants show in a show of the country, the island belongs to, the title will count as international title.


    Every member can only carry out ONE exhibition on a weekend



    Kazakhstan region KAZ-020 divides into 3 parts


    Modification judges rules

    Exhibiting and judging at the same time
    A judge or judge pupil may exhibit cats that are his property or live with him in the same household as “Out of competition ” if the judge is judging in the show.



    Admission of judges
    The existing good equipment within the WCF with judges trained by the WCF, no further judge’s permission will be issued for judges, who have not taken their exam with the WCF. An education in a member organization of the WCC will be treated the same as a training with the WCF.


    Exams in other organizations
    WCF judges may not be an examiner in other organizations or clubs without permission of the WCF board. Exams which were taken against this rule will not be recognized by the WCF.A disciplinary case will be started against the judge, who acts as examiner against this rule.


    It is not permitted to make more than one exam at a weekend.

    Change of requirements for the work of judge pupils

    1. At least 4 years of active breeding in a registered WCF cattery
    2. At least three cats in titles not below Gr.Eur.Ch. in this cattery
    3. Preliminary exam about WCF standards and feline genetics
    4. Compulsory knowledge of a foreign language for international judges
    5. Introduction of the position "national judge" for beginners (2 years after the exam) or for those judges, who do not know a foreign language.


    Placement, age of kittens (Code of Ethics)

    Kittens may not be separated from the mother before the twelfth week of life, unless a veterinary

    medical indication exists. Kittens are allowed to leave the cattery only after completion of the twelfth week of life.

    In case of violation the cattery name of the breeder will be blocked / deleted.


    Determination of a fine for pedigrees without cattery registration (Breeding rules)

    Clubs who issue pedigrees for catteries which they have not registered in the WCF pay a penalty of 50,- € per pedigree.

    Introduction WCF Code for breeds and colors

    Recognation of the race Toybob

    Recognation of the color Sunshine for Sibirian cats

    Recognation of the Arabian Mau

    Recognation of the Deutsch Langhaar

    Change of the hair category of the breeds British Longhair and Highland Fold, Highland Straight and Selkirk Rex Longhair from Semi Longhair to Longhair


    Recognition of additional colors for Original Longhair

    The Original Longhair is recognized in all colors. The offspring of a mating Original Longhair Silver/Golden Varieties with other colors may not be used in the Silver/Golden breeding.


    New fullmembers


    Cat Land, Russia
    Felis, Russia
    AFITALIA, Italy
    CAT, Thailand


    Patronage members, who were accepted as full members