Use of C-numbers


Because of recent events:


C-numbers may be used only by the club, who paid and get them. Any contravention results in disciplinary actions.


The board of the WCF e.V.


Amount of cats for international shows


Dear members!


We want to remind you, that international shows can only be recognized, if an amount of minimum 80 cats
are registered in the catalogue.


This is valid for every showday on a show weekend.(GA decision 2006).


For national shows an amount of 40 cats is necessary in the catalogue (WCF actual, 30/01/2013)


The board of the WCF e.V.




The requirements for WCF-Seminars have been changed, please follow this link:


The board of the WCF e.V.


Registration of Cattery names


Because of recent events:


Every cattery name of members of a WCF club and their attached subclubs have to be registered with the WCF.

Breeders, who have provably registered their cattery name in another organization, are permitted to keep their
name. Should the cattery name be elsewhere already taken, the country code must be added behind the name.


Only for WCF registered catteries WCF pedigrees can be issued.

With this publication every club has been given the possibility to register their non-recorded cattery names until
31 March 2016. Every (further) contravention will be punished.


The board of the WCF e.V.


Best Cat, new modification since 01.01.2016




Only cats with a pedigree with hologramsticker can participate in the Best Cat WCF.
The sticker must be fixed on the pedigree and a scan must be sent to
The owner of the cat must be a member of a WCF club.


Responsible are Mrs. Alicija Biadasz and Mrs Dorota Podleijska.


The board of the WCF e.V.


Dear members!


We would like to thank you for all the many wonderful wishes for the new year.
We will continue to work on us and work for you to make the WCF even better and more beautiful.


We wish you all the best and success in 2016


The board of the WCF e.V.


Club Number


Beginning with 1.1.2016 in all correspondence the club number of the inquiring club must be listed.
Correspondence without the club number can not be processed anymore. At the same time we
want to remind that sub clubs and single persons can contact the WCF office only via their main
club. Direct requests are not intended.


The Board




The "BEST CAT - Form" is available again immediately.


Admin WCF


Dear Members


The Board decision dated 30.09.2015 has been reworded in the light of ambiguous phraseology: The WCF is excellent
equipped with WCF judges specially trained in our system. Therefore no further judges permissions will be issued for
judges who did not proceed their exams in the WCF. An apprenticeship at one of the WCC member associations will be
treated equally like a WCF education. This Decision enters into force immediately and will be presented at the next
General Assembly for voting.


The Board


Explanatory we would like to add: Judges of World Cat Congress member associations can be invited as usual.
They are treated in the show-licensing like WCF judges as long as no individual decision of the board and the judge
Commission against such licensing exists. Non WCC judges may continue to be licensed with verification by the
judges' commission and special permission by the Board for show-licenses.




On the basis of server problems "BEST CAT - Formular" is not available.


The Board



I would like to thank all of you very much for the birthday wishes
(whether they came by video, flowers, card or personal).


I am pleased that so many people in the world have had my jubilee in mind.


With best regards
Anneliese Hackmann

Note on the points system of WCF Best Cat


The points gained in WCF- Jubilee shows, which were announced to the board, will be counted double
The points gained in WCF-Worldshows will be counted double
The points gained in WCF Olimpia, will be counted triple


The Board



Mrs. Reiter will be away from the WCF office from Oct. 6th through Oct. 28th. Due to her absence,
delays will arise in the approval of catteries. We will handle your requests and send them back to
you as soon as possible. We would appreciate your understanding and your patience in this matter.


The Board

New email address for show results


Please use from now on the following email address for sending your show results:


Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF

WCF Italy


We are glad to inform you that on December 17, 2014, our WCF member AFeF (Associazioni Feline e Federate)
obtained the recognition of Libre d’origine from the Italian Agricultural Ministry




The Board



We mourn the death of Maritha Schunkert. Her love were the British Shorthair cats.
After 25 years as an auditor of the WCF we would like to express our thanks and
condolences to the bereaved.


The Board

Judge rules


Judges who have not signed the contract with the WCF can not be licensed for joint shows, World exhibitions
and World Cat Olimpia and may also not take judges exams. This decision with character of a rule comes into
force on 01 January 2015. The decision will be brought for a vote to the next General Assembly


The Board




Jane Vermeulen, WCF Allbreed judge in South Africa has gone from us.
We condole the bereaved relatives.


The Board


We are very sad to announce that we lost a very dear friend, breeder of Orientals and Siamese,
President of the Capital Cat Club and internationally respected and loved All Breeds Judge, Jane
Vermeulen on 3 November 2014. Jane had a short battle with cancer and judged at her last show
in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2014. She judged in all the major continents of the word and
very frequently in Europe. She will leave a large void and missed by many, but always remembered
for the positive and happy atmosphere she brought to any event or conversation.
Johan Lamprecht - President CASA (ZA-0215)



Liebe Mitglieder,


Die Generalversammlung wurde verschoben. Sollten Sie die Benachrichtigung nicht erhalten haben,
schreiben Sie bitte das Büro der WCF oder den Generalsekretär an.


Der Vorstand

General Assembly


Dear Members,


The General Assembly has been postponed. If you did not receive the notice,
please write to the Office of the WCF or the Secretary General.


The Board

Worldshow Warszawa


Dear Members,


the World-Show in Warszawa on 11 and 12 October 2014 is cancelled.


The Board

Dear members,


I thank you for the numerous wishes for my birthday!


Anneliese Hackmann

Diamond Master Ring


The Diamond Master Ring may be held only once a year in the World. It is reserved for the Olimpia Show. Only if the organizer
of the Olimpia Show agrees, this ring can be held on a different show. Only cats that own the title Triple Master may participate
in the Diamond Master Ring. Minimum 4 participants must be present for the Ring. Only the First place receives the Title Diamond
Master. Each participant receives 100 points for the competition Best Cat of WCF. The First place receives 100 points, the second
place 50 points and the third place 25 points additional to the points received analogue to the WCF rings. This board decision
with character of a rule comes into force on 01. October 2014 and will be placed on the agenda of the next General Assembly
for voting.


The Board.

World Master Ring


Only World Champions and World Premiers with WCF certificate may compete in the World Master Ring. The first and second
place in the competition receives the title World Master. The placement and points for Best Cat of WCF are treated analogue the
rules for WCF Rings. The licence for the World Master Ring is a special permit and can be granted maximum once per year per
country. A legal right for granting the licence can not be claimed under any circumstance. The license for the World Master Ring
costs 100 € and has to be requested in the office in Essen. This board decision with character of a rule comes into force
on 01. October 2014 and will be placed on the agenda of the next General Assembly for voting.


The Board.

Special Shows in the licence, number of cats in Best in Category


The “naked group” is not an official hair-category in WCF. If the naked cats shall be separated from the shorthair
group, it must be announced as a special show in the licence request. Remark: To hold a Best in Show in a licensed
category, there must be present in the show hall a minimum of 15 cats of the category. If less than 15 cats of a
category are present, the remaining cats present in the show hall will be added to the neighbour category. (Siamese/Oriental
with Shorthair and Longhair with Semilonghair). For Special and Monobreed shows must be present in the show hall a
minimum of 15 cats too. It is a show, in which one or more breeds can be judged and placed in a special show. The judge,
who judges the Monobreedshow must be permitted for the hair categories named in the Monobreedshow. It may not be
presented as a ring judgement. The placing must be: Best male adult, best female adult, from those 2 Best in Breedshow.
adult. Best in Breedshow neuter, Best in Breedshow junior, Best in Breedshow kitten, Best in Breedshow litter. Out of
these Best in Breedshows the Best of Best Breedshow will be selected by the judge. The protocols of the Monobreedshows
held must be sent with the catalogue and all other results to the show commission.


The Board.

Regulation for title certificates and exhibitions on islands


Exhibitions held on islands will be supported and protected in the following manner:



1. within 2 weeks before an island show there may not be held a show in the country, which the island belongs to. In countries which are divided in regions, this rule applies analogue to the WCF regions. A special permission for exceptions of this rule needs the agreement of the island club, holding the show.


2. the title certificates received on an island will be valid as international titles not only for foreign exhibitors, but also for exhibitors from the country, the island belongs to. If island inhabitants show in a show of the country, the island belongs to, the title will count as international title.


This board decision with character of a rule comes into force on 01. October 2014 for article 1 of the rule
and for article 2 on 01.September 2014.


The Board.

Data protection


Dear members,


The WCF office needs the agreement of all members (fullmembers, patronat), of the members of members, judges
, pupil judges, commission and board members etc. a permission to publish the personal data on the WCF website.
The permission has to be sent to the office until 15 September 2014. The protected data will be deleted from the WCF
website if the permission is not received.


Attention: The forwarding of data to third, such as non WCF clubs, companies etc. without permission could possibly
lead to juridical actions against the distributor and receiver of the forwarded data.




The Board.

General Assembly 2014


Dear members,


Please note: General Assembly of WCF e.V. :


on 05 December till 07 December 2014 in Ruhrturm, Huttropstr. 60, 45138 Essen, Germany


In the case, that the email with the invitation and the registration form for the General Assembly of WCF
did not reach you, you can download both on at WCF actual in the password secured
download area. Please ask the password in the WCF office in Essen.


The Board.



Dear members,


Mr. Klaas V.D. Wijk has resigned as chairman of the Disciplinary Commission. He is taking over
provisionally the position of Treasurer.


The Board.

Disciplinary Commission


Dear members,


Due to the resigning of Mr vdWijk from the Disciplinary Commission, the position of the Chairman has
to be renewed. Mr. Aleksander Cierpisz per Board decision is now provisionally delegated chairman
of the Disciplinary Commission.


Welcome and good luck Mr. Cierpisz


The Board.

Issuing licenses


Dear members,


Temporarily Mrs. Danisch takes over the countries / regions of Mrs. Cramer. Please send your license applications
for these areas to the following email as of now:


Anneliese Hackmann
President WCF



Dear members,


by a board decision new memberships and changes of motherclubs currently not possible for subclubs.
As soon as the general situation changes, more informations will be posted here. .


The Board.

Show licenses


Please respect always the show rules of WCF:


Only correct and complete forms can be accepted.


Subclubs do not have the right to send requests, this has to be done by the motherclub.


Request for international show licenses need mandatory minimum 2 judges to be named in the license request,
for national show minimum 1 allbreed must be named in the license request.


Please remember: traditional judging and ring judging as well as the monobreed shows are considered as a judgement
and counts to the 40 cats that a WCF judge is obliged to judge in a show. Please make sure to have invited a sufficient
number of judges or in exceptional cases you must provide a special agreement with the invited judges before the show.


The Board.

Dear members!


From June 01, 2014 Mrs Marina Khodusova will be responsible for the license management and takes
over this position from Mrs. Butomova. We Thank Mrs Elena Butomova for her work in the past year.
The email address for license request is now


The Board.

Disciplinary Commission


The board coopted to the disciplinary commission:


Walter Litherland,


Best wishes for your new mission.


The Board.

Exhibitions in Ukraine


Due to the uncertain situation in Ukraine exhibitions may be cancelled short term. Please check with the performing clubs.


The Board



With deepest regret we have to announce that Mr. Artem Khatskilov, member of the discilpinary commission and pupil judge,
passed away on March 19 only 31 years old. We condole to his family and friends.


The Board and the commissions

Condolence from the board and the commissions


Mr. Vasiliy Tesa, WCF judge and member of Astra club passed away on 9th February 2014.


The Board

Dear catpeople!


Today is World Cat Day. Best wishes for you and your lovely cats


The Board

Processing of the WCH/WPr certificates


Mrs. Gisela Danisch has agreed to register the World Champion/Premier certificates. We wish her a lot of
success in this task.


If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Danisch directly under:


The Board

Applications for Cattery names


Mrs Reiter will travel to St. Petersburg to the Olimpia exhibition. Mrs Reiter will answer your questions to applications already
sent in and you can hand out new applications directly to her in St.Petersburg. Mrs Reiter will explain upon request how the
application is processed and what rules need to be followed. In addition, green slips can be issued if application was sent to
the office on before hand.


The Board

Registration of Kittens


The obligation of the WCF clubs is to register all kittens of a litter. A registration card with details of the breed, date of birth,
colour and/or EMS code and official WCF registration number of the association and cattery is sufficient for this purpose. In
case of violation the club can receive a penance according to the statue and rules of WCF This decision of the board of rule
character comes into effect on 1st March 2014 and will be added to the vote in the agenda at the next general assembly.


The Board

Age of kittens


Kittens may not be separated from the mother before the twelfth week of life, unless a veterinary medical indication exists.
Kittens are allowed to leave the cattery only after completion of the twelfth week of life. In case of violation the kennel name
of the breeder will be blocked / deleted. This decision of the board of rule character comes into effect on 1st March 2014
and will be added to the vote in the agenda at the next general assembly.


The Board

Dear members!


The board wants to thank you for the countless Christmas greetings and wishes all members continuing success.


The Board

Correction to the Christmas letter


The associations SAFFI RU-0112 and AsFeC ES-0150 do not support court cases actively at the moment against the WCF e.V.
 The entry in the list of the plaintive associations under the Christmas letter was not correct concerning this point.


The Board

Best Cat of WCF


Congratulation to all participants and winners. The trophy ceremony for the national winners, best of breed winners, continental
winners and Best Cat of WCF 2013 will be celebrated on April 26 and 27, 2014 in St.Petersburg on the Olimpia Show. Please
announce your participation to CFC FeliCity, Elena Butomova:


The Board

World Show licenses:


All changes of licenses for World shows need a confirmation from the office and the participating members of the board.
This concerns especially changes of the participating judges. The license can not be changed without the permission of
the office and the participating members of the board.


The Board

Jubilee Shows!


We are happy to annouce the official Jubilee Shows for WCF Clubs. Clubs that have a jubilee or hold a show in
a city where a jubilee is celebrated can apply now for the Jubilee-Show license. The license costs 75 Euro per
day and j-number (jubilee show license number) All cats participating in this show and in the competition Best Cat
of WCF will receive double score on these shows. The request for the license must be sent to the office of the
president Mrs. Hackmann latest 6 weeks before the show. An explanation must be given what kind of Jubilee will
be celebrated A Jubilee-Ring can be held on each day of a Jubilee Show. The 1st and 2nd place in the Jubilee-Ring
counts as qualification for the Masterring, like in WCF rings. An official title is not awarded.
There is no such as a
juridical right to receive the license. The decision about licensing the show obliges to the president. With issuing of
the license the club receives an official jubilee page for the show catalogue.

All jubilee shows will be published on the website


The president of WCF.

Issuing licenses


Temporarily Mrs. Butomova takes in addition the countries / regions of Mrs. Sivitskaya.


Please send all license applications for these areas to the following email as of now:


Changes or questions on applications, that have been edited before October, 13, by Mrs. Sivitskaya, should
be sent to Mrs. Sivitskaya. For more information, visit this link:


The board



With regret we have to announce that Mrs. Danisch has retired from the position treasurer of WCF for private reasons with
August 31, 2013. Mrs. Orjet Drößler will fulfil the obligations of the treasurer provisionally from September 1, 2013. Please
address for all questions concerning payments to Mrs Drößler at


The board

Evaluation of the qualification of non WCC/LOOF judges


Dear members, please send the documents for the evaluation of the qualification of the invited non WCC/LOOF judges directly
to Mr. Tino Eckhardt, member of the judge's commission. He is responsible for checking the sent documents.


The judge’s commission

Change of a breed Name


After having received a trademark complaint from the USA we are forced to change the name of the breed Traditional Longhair.
According to the proposal of the judge’s commission the breed will be named Original Longhair.


The judge’s commission and the board

Non-recognition of titles AFB


All titles gained in the show of the club AFB, BE-0105 on April 7, 2013 in Liége are not recognized by the WCF. The show was
not licensed by the WCF.


The Board

Non-recognition of titles BRKV


All titles gained in the double judgement on the world show of the club BRKV, BE-0224 on 11 and 12 November 2012 in St.Truiden
are not recognized by the WCF. There was no request sent for a double judgement. According to the decision on the GA in April
2012 double judgements cannot be licensed or recognized anymore.


The Board



Informations came to our knowledge that information were sent to several members and private persons regarding the results of
the court cases concerning the extraordinary general assembly. Therefore we would like to inform you that the case has not been
officially completed. The WCF has filed an appeal against the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Hamm. The elections of the
board and extended board on the occasion of the Extraordinary General Meeting of 03/2012 are not cancelled at this moment.


The Board



Please note, that the Russian competition TOP CAT is no WCF competition!


The Board

Best Cat of WCF


Following cat owners are closed on the participation in the Best Cat 2013 because of non-payment
of the exhibition charges for the Cat Olimpia in Dortmund:

Mikhail Pozdnyakov, Russia, member Elitar-Klub
Nataliya Sienko, Russia, member FELIX


The Board

Processing of the WCH/WPr certificates


Mrs. Renata Citovic has agreed to register the World Champion/Premier certificates. We wish her a lot of
success in this task.


If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Citovic directly under:


The Board

Issuing licenses, 3rd License Manager


From 1 June 2013 Mrs. Butomova takes over the following countries / regions from Mrs. Pavlyuchkova.:


Russia, Asian part


Starting from May 30,.2013 please send all license applications for these areas to the following email


Changes or questions on applications, that have been edited before May 30, should be sent to Ms. Pavlyuckova.
For more information, visit this link:


The Board

Supplement to the approval process of judges


The judges permit is valid for three years and may be renewed latest within two months after the expiration date.
Entitling to reissue or extension does not exist, for example, if the application documentation is not sent completely
in original, if payment is not made, when disciplinary proceedings were held against the judge or the period 2
months is exceeded.


This rule is effective immediately and will be implemented as a motion on the agenda of the next General Assembly.


Judges Commission and the Board

Alan Edwards



We mourn the death of one of our most known international judges in the WCF. Alan Edwards died at the
end of March in South Africa. He has worked for many years in various committees of the WCF, was a
gentleman and a bright shining light of the cat world.


Our condolences to his family and friends.


The Board

Examines in other organizations/clubs


WCF judges may take examine in other organizations or clubs only with permission of the WCF board.
Examines which where taken against this rule will not be recognized by the WCF.A disciplinary case
will be started against the judge, who takes examines against this rule.


This decision of the board of rule character comes into effect on 1st May 2013 and will be added to the
vote in the agenda at the next general assembly.


The Board

Term of application for show-licenses


Applications for show-licenses are not permitted to be forwarded less than 6 weeks prior to the show
after having transferred the license fee to the account of the WCF.


The nonobservance of this period can cause that licenses are not approved on time!


The Board

WCF-Seminar „Breeder of Excellence“


The official WCF Seminars Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for the certification "Breeder of Excellence" can be claimed
by any WCF clubs. The fee for the each part of the seminar costs € 100 to apply to the office in Essen. The
seminar must be submitted at least 3 months prior to date with details of at least two of the leading judges /
experts. By leading judges receive in advance the topics to be covered in the seminar parts. The drafting of
the seminar part is up to the judges. An allowance for the judges / experts to be agreed by the performing WCF
club separately. Participation fees that the club charges are freely negotiated by the association.


You find further information here : Seminars

Results Best Cat of WCF 2012


The following breeders / owners reached with their cats the Top 15 adults, Top 15 kitten / juniors,
Top 10 neuters or Top 10 household pets final in the competition Best Cat of WCF 2012.









Else & Steen




Federica & Raffaella


Peter & Ksenia






Darya & Elena





Kolocsa Rita
































Kurt & Tomoko


We would like to invite you to the  WCF Olimpia in Dortmund to present the prize-winning cats and owners on Saturday April 20, 2013.
You can subscribe at    

The Board

Entry of show catalogues and protocols/lists of results


Please send show catalogues and protocols/lists of results to 10 days after the show.

The Board

New titles and show classes


The title awards
CACP (award for the Kitten-Champion) class 16, kitten 3-6 months
CACJ (award for the Junior-Champion) class 15, kitten 6-10 months
CAPP (award for the Kitten-Premior)class 16b, neutered kitten 3-6 months and
CAPJ (award for the Junior-Premior) class 15a, neutered kitten 6-10 months

can be awarded, from 1st of February 2013 if the kitten has received minimum 90
points in the judgement.

They must receive the title in 3 international or national shows of WCF from 3 different judges.

The cats are separated by breed, colour and sex.

Kitten-neuters and junior-neuters participate in the Best in Show for neuters and in the neuter ring.

This decision of the board of rule character comes into effect on 1st February 2013 and will be
added to the vote in the agenda at the next general assembly.

The Board

WCF Cat Olimpia


The WCF Olimpia is a fully recognized World Show. The rules published on the WCF website for World Shows are
valid for the Olimpia as well. The differences are: No other show will be licensed in the WCF on the date of the Olimpia.
It takes place only one time per year and the “Olimpia Master” competition takes place on that show as well as the
presentation of the “Best Cat of WCF” . Cats participating in the Olimpia receive triple point-score for the competition
“Best Cat of WCF”.


This decision of the board of rule character comes into effect on 1st February 2013 and will be added to the vote in
the agenda at the next general assembly.

The Board

Best Cat data recording



Dear members!


Mrs. Jennifer Vergin is now responsible for the recording of the data for “Best Cat of WCF”.
If you have questions you can contact Mrs. Vergin at .
For transmission of data pleasecontinue using the online-form.

The Board

National exhibitions


The following rules apply from 01 February 2013 for "National exhibitions": At least 40 cats must be published in the catalogue.
It must be judging at least 1 allbreed judge. Rings and monobreedshows may not be performed with only one judge present.
This rule is an addition to the rule about national shows, published on the website of WCF : A.11.3 – NATIONAL SHOW:
A licensed show organized by a WCF-club in good standing, where judges only may award the titles CAC and CAP.


This decision of the board of rule character comes into effect on 1st February 2013 and will be added to the vote in the
agenda at the next general assembly.

The Board

Contract about the recognition of rules and Judges Permission as WCF-judge


At the board meeting on 11/03/2012, it was decided to develop an agreement to work as a judge for the WCF. The development
of this agreement was necessitated by a number of problems in the past. In cooperation with the Commission and judges our
lawyers was a “Contract about the recognition of rules and Judges Permission as WCF-judge” now completed and translated.
Condition of obtaining or renewing the judge's permission is to sign the contract by the judge and the Board of the WCF eV. T
his decision of the board of rule character will be added to the vote in the agenda at the next general assembly.

The Board

Entry of documents to the judge's commission


On given occasion it is pointed out to the fact that all Student judges certificates, documents of examinations WCF
as well as applications and passport photographs for a judge's permission must be sent in the original (not by e-mail)
to the chairwoman of the judge's commission.

Cornelia Hungerecker
Chairwoman of the judge’s commission

Dear Members,


we thank for the numerous Christmas and New Year greetings and wish you a lot of success for 2013!

The Board



We want to set a sign!
Next year 25 years ago, five friends, who loved cats very much, founded the WCF. Our statute is as old as the WCF,
not more modern and therefore, unfortunately, all too vulnerable. We want to remind all, on the occasion of our silver
anniversary in 2013, with the Silver Jubilee Rings of the love for our furry friends and the fact, that cats love is the
base for the work in the WCF.


In this ring may participate all cats that are present on the exhibition - regardless of gender, age and breed. Special
emphasis should be placed in the awarding of the Silver-Master to the nature of cats. We love lovely cats and “cuddlyness”
and sweetness, so shall be considered in addition to standard evaluation by the judge. This way we want to show, that the
base in the WCF is not only about competing ideas but especially for the love we feel for our cats and our cats for us.


There will be the possibility for member clubs of WCF to hold the Silver-Master Ring with the title Silver Master.


Applications for permission of holding a Silver Jubilee Show with Silver Master Ring can now be made to the Board.


Issued on Silver Jubilee Shows Cats get double points for these exhibitions for the Best Cat of WCF.


The organizing club will receive an official Silver Jubilee banner of the WCF and the title of Silver Master may be awarded
to the 2 best cats shown at the Silver Jubilee-ring .


More information is available upon request at the office of the WCF at

The Board

Show license:


With the approval of the President of the Disciplinary Commission and the President of the Judges Commission, the Executive Board has
approved the following rule: Clubs wishing to engage non-licensed judges for judging must submit copies of the documents concerning
the judge examines to the Judges Commission to verify status before applying for a show-license. The authorization to apply for the show-
license for that judge will be issued after verification of the certificates for the verified classes by the Judges Commission. This verification
must be done again in each individual case and is a service provided by WCF. The fee is 20 € each individual case. The review of the
qualification is not equivalent to the granting of the Judges License and does not automatically lead to a recognition of the judge as a WCF
judge. This rule does not apply to judges of the WCC member associations and associations that contractual agreement with respect to
their judges with WCF. This rule is valid from 01 July .2012 and will be taken on the agenda at the next General Assembly for vote.

The Board



To protect the WCF trademark from abuse, the Board initiated the project: “Central Registration Numbers” This project will be placed on
the agenda of the next General Assembly for confirmation The project explains as follows:


All confirmed WCF members can participate voluntarily in this project If a club agrees on the project, all new pedigrees issued by the club
must be produced with hologram stickers and central registration number. Voluntarily the hologram stickers can as well be placed on
already existing pedigrees issued by the club. New patronage members are obliged to participate in the project All participating clubs receive
“counterfeit-proof” hologram stickers with registration numbers. These registration-numbers have to be given additional to the internal club
registration number. The hologram sticker must be placed on the pedigree. The club has to send in a pdf scan of each produced pedigree with
the central registration number to the central office via email The fee per hologram sticker is 3 Euro. The production and sale of pedigrees
stays with the club. The hologram stickers must be purchased in advance from the WCF, minimum 100 stickers per order.

The Board

Triple Master Ring!


The board sets in force the following rule, vaild until voting upon this rule on the next GA: “The Triple Master Ring can be
licensed only once per year per countryt. It is the highest Master title attainable in WCF.”

The Board

Decisions of the Board of 05/29/2012:


The Club under patronage DK-0249 Cozy Cat Club is removed with the consent of the patronage giver from the list of
patronage clubs because of missing payments and a lack of information and communication with the Board.


The Club under patronage SE-0239 Svenska Siamessällskapet was dissolved and is therefore removed from the list of
patronage clubs.


From now on the representative of the WCF e.V. in France is Mrs. Sylvie Comte, president of the club Cercle de l'Est Félin,


The Board

Joint show without permission


The organization of the joint-show “FOREST CAT SHOW 2012,19-20 May 2012” in Moscow by CFC CatExpo RU-0213
violates the procedures proclaimed by the WCF for joint shows. CFC CatExpo RU-0213 has not asked nor received
permission for organizing a Joint show. Therefore the license number #12059 is cancelled. All titles given in this show
will not be valid in the WCF. The punishment fine for the club is 500 Euro. All pedigrees, titles and catteries registered
by Cat Expo RU-0213 will be non-valid until payment of the fine. As it is the second time, that the rules for joint-shows
are ignored by CatExpo RU-0213, the voting for expulsion of the club will be placed on the Agenda of the next WCF’s
General Assembly.


The Board