General Assembly


General Assembly of WCF e.V. :
April 27, 28, 29, 2012
in Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Germany


The official invitation will be sent to the appropriate time by mail. 



Extraordinary General Assembly of WCF e.V. on request of Elitar Club Russia :
April 30, 2012
in Maritim Hotel Gelsenkirchen, Germany

More than 20% of the members of the WCF have submitted a request for this Extraordinary General Assembly.



The board

Extraordinary General Assembly


Dear Members! 

Please note:
Extraordinary General Assembly of WCF e.V.
March, 10, 2012
in Welcome Hotel Essen, Germany

The official invitation will be sent to the appropriate time by mail.  


More than 25% of the members of the WCF have submitted a request for an Extraordinary General Assembly.
They have recognized the need to carry out profound changes in the structure of the WCF to be able to repel
the recently rampant processes, injunctions and writs against the WCF with new, strong statutes.


The board

Ivaras Plepis



With deep regret we have to inform you that  MR.IVARAS PLEPIS all breed judge WCF for many years passed
away on 25th September, during the Cat Show in Norway.



We transmit our condolences to his wife, family and friends.



The board and the commissions



The WCF website is currently under reconstruction. We apologize for any delay in publishing and changing information on the
homepage. In urgent cases, please give us a short notice.



The board



The WCF office is closed for vacation until September 25th, 2011.



The board

Judge's License


A judge applying for a WCF-judges-licence, can only be licensed as guest Judge, if he is a board member of a non-World Cat Congress


The board

Joint Shows


1.      Joint shows, with non World Cat Congress (WCC) associations, that invite judges, which are under suspension or deprived
         of WCF judging license, are prohibited.

2.     Already given licenses loose validation, if a violation named above is found.


The board

The board


Due to an interim order the club Elitar is installed provisionally up to an official negotiation. Likewise Mrs. Anna Rudakova is installed
provisionally due to a further interim order as 2. Vice-president.  


The board

Show Commissions


Mrs.Nicoletta Locati has stepped back from her position in the Show commission. Mr Paolo Veneziani is delegated and takes over the

position  as chairman of the show commission.


The board

Condolence Helmuth Watzke


Sunday 2011-07-10 Helmuth Watzke died an unexpected and sudden death. He was friend, colleague, globetrotter and a great man.

As being one of the senior German judges he worked in many shows in the entire world and took responsibility in the education of
many of the today’s judges.

We say goodbye in mourning.


Andreas Möbius in the name of the board and the commissions

Condolence Vera Avsaragova


With great sorrow we have to inform you that 4 of July 2011 Mrs. Vera Avsaragova died suddenly at the age 55 years. 
She came into the felinology over 15 years ago, and became first president of Feline Federation of Republic Bashkortastan

and judge LH,SLH,SH on cat shows. 


We sincerely condolence to the family and friends of Mrs.Avsaragova.


The board and the commissions

Foundation WCF - italia


The president of WCF, MRS Hackmann invited the representatives of the italian members of WCF on March 26, 2011 to join the first
conference and foundation meeting for the WCF-Italia in Berlin.  The purpose of the conference was to establish a parent organization
in Italy representing them in political activities with the Ministry of Agriculture in Italy.



On March 26, 2011 the "WCF Italia" was founded by the present representatives of the italian WCF-members.



The members are:
Associazioni Feline Federate (AFeF)
Associazione Felina Italiana (AFI)
Associazione Gatti d'Italia (AGI)
Federazione Italiana Associazioni Feline (FIAF)
Serenissima Cat Club (ISCC)



Additional members can only participate upon application and approval by the member clubs.

Franca Zuccotti was elected unanimously  president of the "WCF Italia" by the  present representatives of the clubs. 
The Office of the President is determined as the seat of WCF Italia.
Andrea Vincenzi was elected unanimously  treasurer of the "WCF Italia" by the  present representatives of the clubs.
Fabrizio Montanari was elected unanimously  general secretary of the "WCF Italia" by the  present representatives of the clubs.
Best wishes and success for the WCF-Italia!



The board

Weltchampion Certificate


The issuing of the World Champion certificates is  handed over to Mr. Kamil Kolczynski.


The previous e-mail address will remain!


Please use the online form for the registration of World Champions, World Premiers and Master WCF at


The board

Payments are only accepted from full members and patronat clubs


We want to remind you that payments will only be accepted from full members and patronat clubs. Sub-clubs have to pay
via their main club. All payments must include the following information:
number of club, purpose of payment, number of sub-club, for which the payments are done, when applicable.


The board

Catalogues have to be sent to Mrs Locati


Catalogues and result lists may not be sent, in no case, by registered mail to the office in Essen. Please forward them, if possible,
electronically to Mrs Nicoletta Locati, president of the show commission. Otherwise send them by normal mail to Mrs Locati, only in
exceptional cases send them to the office in Essen. But only by normal mail, not as registered mail.


The Board

Registration of a cattery name does not entitle to use the WCF-logo


Because of current events we point out that the registration of a cattery name with the WCF does not entitle to use the WCF-logo for
or self-written
pedigrees. The registration of a cattery name without being member of a WCF club serves only for the
legal protection of the name
Pedigrees with the WCF-logo can be issued only by WCF clubs.


The Board

Issue of show licences is done by Mrs Sivitskaya


Instead of Julia Rjabokobiļenko the issue of the show licences is done by Svetlana Sivitskaya starting with April 11, 2011. Please
forward all requests for licences for Russia and the Ukraine to the following email address:


We are grateful for the numerous applications. It was very difficult here to make a decision. We also thank Julia Rjabokobiļenko for
her excellent work. It is very regrettable that she had to resign from this work for the WCF due to business reasons.



The Board

WCF-Logo on pedigrees issued by resigned (sub-)clubs not permitted


We point out to all resigned clubs and their sub-clubs that they are not permitted to issue any pedigrees with the WCF-logo.


The Board

Direct correspondence to the commissions not provided


Please bear in mind that direct correspondence to the commissions is not provided. Please address all correspondence to the business
office of the WCF in Essen. Please send all correspondence including the name, club, club-number and city. Your requests cannot be
handled otherwise. Correspondence with sub-clubs and single persons is not provided according to the statutes. Please contact your
main club.


The Board

Acceptance of new clubs


Please address all correspondence concerning the acceptance of new clubs to Mr. Tino Eckhardt, Email:


The Board

Illness of Mrs Wagner


Unfortunately, Mrs Wagner has become ill. Due to this circumstance, please send all your correspondence for the time being to the
office in Essen. Only the correspondence concerning joint shows, please, send to Mrs Cernova.


The Board

Suspension of Mrs Anna Rudakova


Mrs. Anna Rudakova was found to be responsible for causing severe and permanent damage to the World Cat Federation e.V.
According to the §§ 9 and 29 of the Statutes of WCF e.V. Mrs Rudakova is therefore suspended from her functions as a WCF
Judge and excluded from the Extended Board and her functions and position as Second Vice-President. This decision takes
effect immediately. (§ 9 section 3 statutes of WCF e.V.)


The Board

Suspension of Elitar-Klub


According to the §§ 9 and 29 of the Statutes of World Cat Federation e.V. the club OOLZh Elitar-Klub RU-0170 was found to be
responsible for bringing the WCF e.V. into disrepute and for this reason it has been suspended until the next General Assembly.
All licenses for OOLZh Elitar-Klub RU-0170 and its subclubs are therefore declared null and void.


The Board

Application deadline for seminars


As the registration of seminars is free of charge, an application deadline of minimum 6 months has to be observed


The Board

Exhibition of cats of WCF judges


Advice from the judges' commission because of current events: A judge is only permitted to exhibit the cats, of which he/she is the
owner, out of competition on those exhibitions, where he/she functions as judge. This applies also to cats living in his household.


Cornelia Hungerecker
chair person of the WCF judges' commission

Show commission


Mrs Elena Borisovna Fedorenko/Russia was co-opted as member of the show commission to substitute Mr.  Imran Okulov.  


The Board

Gala diner and exhibition to honour the Best Cat shifted to end of March


Due to the instabile weather conditions in February the exhibition and the gala diner to honour the Best Cat of WCF are shifted to the
end of March. 


The Board

Mrs. Olga Abramova cannot be invited to WCF exhibitions


According to the rules "Show licenses 1.1.2 Suspended or expelled judges are not permitted to be invited": Mrs. Olga Abramova
cannot be invited to judge at the WCF shows any more.


The Board

Mrs Olga Abramova suspended as WCF judge


Mrs Olga Abramova has been suspended from her function as WCF judge because of repeated misbehaviour.
Reasons: abuse of the name of the WCF for private interests, disobedience of the commandment of loyalty to the WCF and its
representatives, as well as unacceptable behaviour towards a judge's colleague.


The Board

Mr Imran Okulov suddenly died



The Board with deepest regret has to announce the unexpected death of the President of the club "POF" - Petersburg Felinology Society,
current member of the exhibition committee of WCF, AB judge - Mr. Imran Okulov, on January 17th, 2011.


We lost a respected colleague, a highly qualified expert, a great show manager. Imran Okulov was a remarkable man who contributed
his life and his immense experience to the development of the felinological movement in the world. This great animal lover has supported
the formation and development of the World Cat Federation with his love for cats, his excellent professional work and outstanding
human qualities.



His name will never be forgotten. A bright heart is missing in our world of love for cats.



With our sincerest condolences to his family and his friends.



The Board and the commissions

No official works delegated to Mrs Rudakova


Dear members,
at the moment there are no official works delegated to Mrs Rudakova. All inquiries about club accounts are not requested by the
WCF-board. Please treat them as private requests From Mrs. Rudakova without any official character. WCF-Board does not
control the financial background of our members.


The Board

Club CY-0124 Cyprus Feline Society CyFS suspended


The Club CY-0124 Cyprus Feline Society CYFS, president Mrs. Nadejda Razorenova, is suspended until the coming general Assembly
because of repeated violation of the show rules and non-compliance with the order of the Board.


The Board

Clubs RU-0119 and RU-0160 are not a member of the WCF any longer


The member-clubs RU-0119 „Alisa“, president Mrs Irina Guseva, and RU-0160 „IFC Felis“, president Mrs Olga Abramova, had deleted
their clubs from the Russian clubs register on 28th of April, 2008 and 24th of October, 2008. Thus they are not a member of the WCF

any longer. All exhibitions of these clubs are cancelled by now.


The Board


Expulsion of CFC Tikhiy Don (Quiet Don)


The Subclub Ru 0125-20 CFC Tikhiy Don (Quiet Don), President: Mrs Natalia Vasilievna Kaminskaya, was expelled by its main club RUCC,
President Mrs. Mazurova G.M.
The show L# 11257, Joint-Show with TICA , 2011-04-23, 2011-04-24 is cancelled.
The show L# 10775) in December 4.5 . 2010 can take place because of the short time span after the expulsion.
Please regard the GA decision of non- re-acceptance of expelled subclubs to a WCF main club during 2 years after the expulsion.


The Board

Judge´s reports by Mrs Balchiuniene and Mr. Balchiunas


The judge´s reports by Mrs Balchiuniene and Mr. Balchiunas for SH and SOSH will stay valid, as they have taken their exams with the WCF.



The Board

Show licences



Because of changes in their job Mrs. Julia Rjabokobilenko and Mr. Yan Lavrentyev are compelled to stop the
exhibition licensing.


Who would like to take over this honorary work?
Good knowledge of English is necessary, knowledge in German is welcome.


Please address the applications with information of the qualification immediately to the WCF office in Essen.


The Board

Thank you and a good New Year



The board and the team of the WCF is very grateful for the good wishes for the holidays and the new year,
which arrived so numerously as never before!

We ask for your understanding that we cannot answer to each single letter due to the large amount.

We wish to all cat lovers in the new year
health, success and much pleasure with your animals!


The Board